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Version 1.2

What’s New in this VersionVer1.2 added below new functions
- sample loading
- change BPM of the rhythm
fixed few bugs

How to load your own sounds

1: Set up your computer to share files with personal web sharing (set up http server)

2: Prepare audio files using below names and locate them under prepared http server;
[ loop_01.wav , loop_02.wav ... loop_12.wav ] for the 12 loop sounds
[01.wav, 02.wav … 12.wav] for 7 one-shot samples (rhythm)

3: Set the BPM
Set the BPM as to the BPM of the downloading loop sounds (Default 120 BPM)
* Set 0 BPM to turn off the Rhythm

4: Input the URL of the http server in the directory URL
example:   (no need to input specific file names)

5: Push the download button
The download button will become the cancel button will file download

Watch the tutorial video below

Please download new sound samples for luanna via link shown as below

Collaboration work performed by a Japanese electronic musician “trorez” with luanna


Attention to Windows users
In order to download sound samples via Windows, you will need to follow below steps;

1. Install Apache
2. copy your samples into “htdocs” of the install directory
3. create wireless ad-hoc network for iPad and connect
4. check the IP address and download your samples from luanna
# Please note that the firewall may block the network


Version 1.0

luanna is an audio-visual application designed for the iPad that allows you to create and control music through the manipulation of moving images.

The luanna app has been designed to be visually simple and intuitive, whilst retaining a set of rich and comprehensive functions. Through hand gestures you can touch, tap and manipulate the image, as if you were touching the sound. The image changes dynamically with your hand movements, engaging you with the iPad’s environment.

The luanna app offers many possibilities to create unique audio-visual designs.


* Requirements: Compatible with iPad2 or later

* Please turn off the Multitasking Gestures as luanna will use gestures using four or five fingers : go from Settings → General → Multitasking Gestures → OFF

* Please make sure the mute switch (side switch) is not activated

“luanna is an application that is dedicated for iPad and has been verified only on iPad2. Please note that the resolution of the image will decline when playing on iPad3.”

1. select sounds (gesture with one finger or more)

select sounds on/off: one or more fingers (touch or slide)

2. reverse play (gesture with two fingers)
reverse mode play: touch or slide with 2 fingers quite close together

3. sound image effect (gesture with four fingers)
sound image effect: use 4 fingers and squeeze the screen

4. mute (gesture with five fingers)
mute: use 5 fingers

5. play rhythm (tap gesture)
single click: tap the iPad once
play and stop rhythm track: tap the iPad several times within 3 seconds
*when you tap the iPad hard, the rhythm track will go mad.

6. crash sounds (device shaking gesture)
crash: shake the iPad

7. five switches (select)
from the left:
- red switch: select sounds mode
- yellow switch: sound effect mode (*1, 2 gesture modes disabled)
- blue switch: transit sounds and images
- orange switch: glitch effect mode
- black switch: information

 Available on the App Store


creative director, sound design, ui design_manabu shimada

technical director, software engineer_keita yamazaki

production manager_takanobu kobayakawa

graphic design_isao konuki

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