Ngatari + XI

add9 (music),news — phontwerp_ 14/09/2013

manabu shimada has been working together with Japanese unit “Ngatari” to express an unique project as blending classic with electronic music.

Please watch the three aesthetic movies below.


4 female voices with 7 pieces for orchestra 4/4 kick
“Pieces for her No.7″
Ngatari + XI


11 pieces for orchestra with Belt & Sine wave
“Pieces for her No.8″
Ngatari + XI


4 female voices singing with coined terms lyrics
Ngatari + XI

[Ver 2] How to upload your samples via Mountain Lion OS10.8

+5 (programming),software — phontwerp_ 11/06/2013

For any users that could not upload samples by the previous guide, please try the followed guide to CREATE new account then try the whole process in the previous guide USING new account.


1. SELECT Users & Groups in the System Preferences



2. SELECT the + at the lower left to create New User Account




3. CREATE new account as ADMINISTRATOR, also DoNOT include space in the Names



4. SELECT Login Options and check the Automatic login is OFF



AFTER creating New User Account,
Log out from the current account [Shift + Command + Q] and Log in with the new created account
Then please follow the guide as bellow


luanna song in Ver.2

add9 (music) — phontwerp_ 23/01/2013

I have rearranged sound samples originally composed for audio-visual iPad application “luanna” as one whole track.
Usually you structure this tune by yourself by touching (playing) luanna, but thought that it may be nice to know what you can play with the app. Hope you like it!

You can also buy the app from below link (samples are free for downloads).

luanna 2nd composition by manabu shimada
Vocal by tomomi kobayakawa (Seattle Reese’s)


“light it up
feel encased
until to the top

bring it up
bring it up

bring it up
bring it up

bring it up
bring it up

bring it up
bring it back
tell me you want me to”

Available on the App store:
Performance video:

For further info:


add9 (music),news — phontwerp_ 02/01/2013

Happy New Year 2013 to all people in the world!

Original ring tones created by manabu shimada (phontwerp_). Rich in variety, you can find sounds from edgy electronic noise to sweet melodious chime. Find your cup of tea and customize your iPhone with his original Max/MSP created sounds to enjoy unlocking the ‘Silent mode’ for the first time.

released 01 January 2013
manabu shimada (phontwerp_)


Cover 1024x1024

“Funwari – chan!” 2nd EP remix by manabu shimada

add9 (music),news — phontwerp_ 13/12/2012

New Release “Funwari – chan!” 2nd EP by Phasma & NOEL-KIT Two Japanese artist Phasma and NOEL-KIT will be releasing their 2nd collaboration EP “Funwari – chan!” on the 12th Dec 2012.

manabu shimada (sonic artist, phontwerp_) has contributed one remix track “modulator girl” for this EP.

For trailer please visit:

2012.11.25 (Sun) “ililillliiilllilililllilllilllililliliiiiillliilli”

news — phontwerp_ 30/10/2012

2012.11.25 (Sun)
at ochiai soup

OPEN/START 18:00 – CLOSE 23:00
Entrance: 2,000yen



Fugenn & The White Elephants
manabu shimada


akkki (Akita Yoshiko)

初回のゲストはElectronica黎明期から個性的な音を刻み続け、新ユニットによる待望のニューアルバムがリリース間近のビート中毒重傷患者ことManathol。 PROGRESSIVE FOrMよりニューアルバム「Prays」を発表し飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢いのFugenn & The White Elephantsに加え、ロンドンを中心に活動するサウンドアーティストmanabu shimadaが参戦。 さらにHz Recordsより初のフィジカル作品を発表したばかりのDUB-Russell、+MUS Showcaseでも怒濤のパフォーマンスをみせ、新作が期待されるnanonumがライブセットで華を添える。

PRODUCED BY 首藤陽太郎(DUB-Russell) / nanonum
support: +mus

DUB-Russell “Naughty Mole Remix” by manabu shimada

add9 (music),news — phontwerp_ 20/10/2012

Manabu Shimada (sonic artist, phontwerp_) has provided one remix for the Japanese experimental music unit Dub-Russell.

His composition has been packed in the new release by Dub-Russell, “Naughty Mole Remix”, together with two other remixes by each artists “Fugenn & The White Elephants” and “Pakchee”.

“Naughty Mole Remix” is now available for free download

DUB-Russell “Naughty Mole Remix”
1 – Owl Tongue [Original]
2 – Owl Tongue [Fugenn & The White Elephants remix]
3 – Owl Tongue [manabu shimada remix]
4 – Owl Tongue [Pakchee remix]


How to upload your samples via Mountain Lion OS10.8

+5 (programming),news — phontwerp_ 09/10/2012

1. Check Apache has been installed

a: Activate Terminal (Search from “Applications > Utilities > Terminal“)
b: Copy & Paste below command to Terminal and ↩ (press return key) to check the Apache http server has been installed

httpd -v

c: If success, it will be displayed as below

Server version: Apache/2.2.22 (Unix)
Server built: Jul 12 2012 15:09:37

2. Start the server (Password for your PC will be asked)

a: Type in below command to Terminal and ↩ (press return key)

sudo apachectl start

b: Type in your PC PassWord and ↩ (press return key)

3. Check Apache has been activated correctly

a: Start up Safari (or any web browser)
b: Type in below URL to the Safari


c: If work correctly, it will be displayed as below on Safari

It works!


Updated luanna ver 1.2

news — phontwerp_ 06/10/2012

Updated luanna, Now available on Apple AppStore!  luanna app FB page launched!

The information about luanna can be sited on FB now,

To view DEMO performance of luanna 1.2 (performed by trorez) please visit:

To download new sound samples including original samples created by trorez please visit:


For more details, please visit:

Rough Exclusive: “manabu shimada Sonic creative” in Japanese

news — phontwerp_ 04/09/2012


今月の特集はロンドンへのツアーをするというmanabu shimadaについてである。

manabu shimadaは‘phontwerp_’ という東京を拠点としたソニックアートユニットの一員で、そのユニットの活動内容を彼ら自身は以下の様に表現している;



∆7 (メジャーセブン) : サウンドアート  (インスタレーション、プロダクトデザイン)

-7 (マイナーセブン) : グッズ (出版物、雑貨、サーキットベンディング)

add9 (アドナイン) : 音楽  (サウンドデザイン、作曲、ライブパフォーマンス)

+5 (オーギュメントファイブ) : コンピュータープログラミング (アプリ及びプラグイン開発、信号処理、インタラクティブディバイス)

phontwerp_の活動の一環としてmanabu shimadaは音楽制作も手がけているが、彼の音はポップからクラシック、ブレイクビーツからグリッチステップと幅広いジャンルからの引用を感じさせ、常に実験的なアプローチをしている。




こんにちは、日本を拠点にソニックアーティストとして活動をしてるmanabu shimadaと言います。最近”音”に関わる製品の開発を目的としたユニット、phontwerp_を立ち上げその一員として活動をしています。将来的にこのユニットをサウンドプロダクトの制作に関わるサウンドデザイン会社として活動出来るよう頑張っています。


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